Chris Barski is an Arizona-based bankruptcy attorney with more than a decade of experience handling and solving a wide range...

Chris Barski is an Arizona-based bankruptcy attorney with more than a decade of experience handling and solving a wide range of bankruptcy cases. Mr. Barski has provided representation for a variety of clients seeking bankruptcy solutions from personal cases, business bankruptcy reorganizations, and other related litigation disputes in all chapters of the bankruptcy code.

Mr. Barski operates out of the Scottsdale area, representing debtors and providing them with the debt resolution they need. He waves off his chosen profession’s demanding nature, saying that when done right, helping debtors achieve their goals is a much more rewarding feeling.

Gratified at seeing his clients succeed in regaining their financial security, Mr. Barski professes that nothing compares to helping make a difference in his clients’ lives.


As a native of Canada, Chris Barski initially pursued a career in baseball after moving to the United States. Injuries, unfortunately, limited Mr. Barski’s advancement through the Major Leagues, but he redirected his intense drive toward education at Arizona State University, where he graduated summa cum laude in 2003. He graduated cum laude from the ASU School of Law in 2005, and was associate editor of the Law Review. He honed his skills and knowledge at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

After a few years in Big Law, Mr. Barski felt he was making little difference to the lives of real people and small businesses. Realizing that his talents could benefit people elsewhere, Mr. Barski started his own Arizona bankruptcy law firm where he has reignited his passion by helping people eliminate their debt and protect their assets.

The stellar results of Mr. Barski’s bankruptcy law practice have earned him countless praise and recognition among his peers in the legal industry. He, however, considers the satisfaction of his clients his most significant accolades.


Mr. Barski has helped a senior client protect her retirement funds from being drained by credit card debt she incurred to pay medical bills. After seeking out Mr. Barski’s help, the client was able to discharge her debts and retain adequate assets to continue living comfortably.

Another success story involves a client who was suffering from serious medical issues but was denied medical insurance despite paying his premiums. Mr. Barski helped the client protect his assets while discharging more than $300,000 in medical debts.

More notable cases decorate Mr. Barski’s outstanding career, including saving a client thousands of dollars in IRS penalties, restructuring a real estate investment entity’s junior mortgages and avoiding foreclosure, and saving a client almost a million dollars in debt through reorganization while securing future business revenue.


It’s an understatement to call Chris Barski as a successful Arizona bankruptcy lawyer, but the results more than speak for themselves. Through Mr. Barski’s outstanding knowledge of all chapters of the bankruptcy code (including Chapter 7, 13, and 11), he has earned a reputation for being one of Arizona’s top-rated bankruptcy attorneys currently in practice.

But more than Mr. Barski’s extensive experience in bankruptcy is his passion for helping clients regain financial security that enables him to deliver realistic, long-term solutions.

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I interviewed a number of attorneys and Chris was clearly knowledgeable. But the reason I trusted Chris was that he was not selling me anything. He gave me honest advice as if I was family. He ended up saving me a lot of money. In twenty years of dealing with attorneys, he is the only one I trust without qualification.
I never thought I would be talking to a bankruptcy attorney. I am so grateful a friend referred you. I will never forget all your hard work and appreciate your honesty through all of this.
I came to Chris with only a few assets and a lot of debt.  But my assets meant a lot to me.  Chris understood that and gave me alternatives to protect my assets from creditors.  He was patient and answered all my questions and walked me through the process.  I cannot thank him enough.
Lynn and I want to thank you for all the work you did. We came to you afraid and did not know what to do or where to look. We gave you our trust and you did not let us down. You gave us our lives and peace of mind back. Thank you and all your staff for your kindness. I trust you like family and will refer everyone to you.
Chris took over for my incompetent bankruptcy attorney at a time when I was on the verge of losing both my house and my discharge. Through a lot of just plain hard work he resolved my situation entirely which for a time I never thought was possible. He showed how much he cares for his clients.

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