Arizona debt relief solutions offer a way out of credit card debts, medical bills, student loans, and other consumer loans...

Arizona debt relief solutions offer a way out of credit card debts, medical bills, student loans, and other consumer loans without needing to file for bankruptcy. Debt relief won’t work in all cases, but if it applies to yours, it delivers certain advantages not present in bankruptcy options.


Debt relief involves re-organizing debt in a way that gives debtors either full or partial relief by negotiating terms with creditors. This option can take the form of reduced payments with a bulk of the debt forgiven, slashing interest rates on loans due, or extending the terms on loans. It’s a sensible choice for people who have more debt than they can realistically pay off in 2-3 years’ time.

Debt relief is by no means as “easy way out.” And consulting a debt relief lawyer in Scottsdale can help you determine a workable solution that clears the path toward financial stability.


Individuals with higher incomes and enough assets qualify for debt relief options. Borrowers with legitimate financial hardship, such as severe medical issues or divorce settlements, can seek debt relief with creditors.


Creditors know better than to charge a debtor interest and late fees on their debts indefinitely. They realize that genuine financial hardship will render debtors incapable of paying off any amount, let alone pay them in full. Given such cases, creditors would instead settle for a lower amount rather than have the debtor declare bankruptcy where they get virtually nothing.

Of course, creditors won’t simply accept a considerable loss by telling them you can’t pay; you’ll need the negotiation skills of an experienced Scottsdale debt relief attorney to get the most out of any debt relief solution.


It’s important to understand your financial situation so you can make the best decision on how you approach debt elimination. As mentioned before, debt relief is only suitable for people who have the means to pay a lump sum or maintain monthly payments. This is a legitimate option if you have a relatively stable income or have properties you can’t afford to keep but can sell for significant value.

Scottsdale debt relief attorneys also recommend having other avenues of funding available to maintain a consistent debt relief payment; cash-value life insurance policies, small inheritances, and even borrowing from relatives and friends are a few examples.


With the help of debt relief lawyers in Scottsdale, you can be free of crippling debt and experience several other benefits, including:

An Alternative to Bankruptcy – One of the main reasons people choose debt relief over bankruptcy is its lasting impact on credit reports. A bankruptcy entry lasts for 10 years, which can affect any future loan, credit card, and job applications. Concealing bankruptcy from these institutions can get you charged with fraud. By comparison, debt relief typically lasts seven years on credit reports.

Reprieve from Overwhelming Debt – Debt relief serves as a “pardon” for individuals who have fallen behind on credit card or loan payments due to legitimate financial hardship. This solution cannot be used to take advantage of creditors by deliberately paying them less of what you chose to borrow. Instead, debt relief helps debtors pay a reduced amount of what they owe within their budget.

Repay Debts Sooner – A good debt relief program lets debtors repay what they owe anywhere between 2-4 years. Such time is considerably less than if you decided to pay them off normally.


Debt relief isn’t something you can deal with on your own; having an experienced debt relief attorney in Scottsdale helps you develop a repayment plan that’s within your means.

Our goal is to free you from debt and give you enough financial capability to rebuild your life. Contact us today to explore your debt relief options.

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