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EXPERIENCED BANKRUPTCY LAWYER SERVICES IN ARIZONA Millions of Americans struggle with debt every day, with some not realizing the value...


Millions of Americans struggle with debt every day, with some not realizing the value of getting professional help. At Barski Law Firm PLC, we provide every client with realistic solutions to their financial hardships. We offer several bankruptcy law services, depending on your needs and situation.

Debt Relief – This service lets clients negotiate their debt to a reduced amount for manageable repayment to creditors. Our financial attorney services can come up with the appropriate relief program that could save you from filing for bankruptcy.

Asset Protection – This service helps clients legally insulate their assets from creditor claims, lawsuits, or any other type of liability. We recommend getting started on asset protection planning as early as possible to avoid your properties from being liquidated due to unforeseeable circumstances.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Also called liquidation bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common type filed in the US. Barski Law’s bankruptcy lawyer services help clients stop any wage garnishment, eliminate credit card or medical debts, and protect all future earnings from creditor claims.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Only individuals who fall within a certain debt limit can qualify for Chapter 13 protection, or if you want to protect assets that a Chapter 7 filing would liquidate. Our bankruptcy law services have given clients adequate repayment programs under Chapter 13 without compromising their ability to recover financially.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Individuals and business are eligible to file for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy if they want to re-organize their debts but exceed the debt limits imposed by Chapter 13. If done right, Chapter 11 proceedings let debtors liquidate their assets on more advantageous terms compared to what would happen in a Chapter 7 filing.

To learn more about the distinction between the different types of bankruptcy solutions available, consult with our financial attorney services today.

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Chris took over for my incompetent bankruptcy attorney at a time when I was on the verge of losing both my house and my discharge. Through a lot of just plain hard work he resolved my situation entirely which for a time I never thought was possible. He showed how much he cares for his clients.
I interviewed a number of attorneys and Chris was clearly knowledgeable. But the reason I trusted Chris was that he was not selling me anything. He gave me honest advice as if I was family. He ended up saving me a lot of money. In twenty years of dealing with attorneys, he is the only one I trust without qualification.
I came to Chris with only a few assets and a lot of debt.  But my assets meant a lot to me.  Chris understood that and gave me alternatives to protect my assets from creditors.  He was patient and answered all my questions and walked me through the process.  I cannot thank him enough.
I never thought I would be talking to a bankruptcy attorney. I am so grateful a friend referred you. I will never forget all your hard work and appreciate your honesty through all of this.
Lynn and I want to thank you for all the work you did. We came to you afraid and did not know what to do or where to look. We gave you our trust and you did not let us down. You gave us our lives and peace of mind back. Thank you and all your staff for your kindness. I trust you like family and will refer everyone to you.

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