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Individual Protects Retirement and Discharges An older client was spending down her retirement to service credit card debt she had...

Individual Protects Retirement and Discharges

An older client was spending down her retirement to service credit card debt she had incurred to pay medical bills just prior to becoming Medicare eligible. The client was on a one way path to depleting her retirement and security later in life. We protected her retirement and discharged her credit card/medical debt leaving her with sufficient assets to live comfortably into her later years.

Individual Gets Time to Pay Taxes and Lower Interest Rate

A high income earner owed approximately $130,000 in past-due taxes. The IRS was threatening to levy the client’s accounts and garnish wages and was demanding a shortened period for repayment along with eighteen percent interest and penalties. Through bankruptcy, we obtained a repayment plan discharging a small amount of those taxes and repaying the balance over five years with an effective interest rate of six percent. This saved the client tens of thousands of dollars in interest and penalties alone plus the discharged amount of approximately $30,000.

Real Estate Investment Entity Restructures Junior Mortgages and Avoids Foreclosure

A real estate investment company lost significant revenue through the economic downturn. This lead to default on various mortgages and lenders noticed foreclosure sales. Through negotiations and expert testimony, we established low liquidation values for the properties and stripped and restructured several of the mortgages. These lenders were largely unsecured and were paid seven cents on the dollar over several years along with other unsecured creditors. If the company had liquidated in a Chapter 7, creditors would have received nothing.

Client Saves House from Foreclosure

A client had recently lost his job and was drastically behind on his mortgage. He also had credit card and medical debt. We structured a Chapter 13 plan to save his house from foreclosure and discharge his other debts for a five percent distribution. The plan payments stopped late fees and penalties on his mortgage and allowed him to recover.

Bankruptcy Saves Client from Medical Debts Due to Health Insurance Coverage Denial

Client had serious medical issues and despite paying insurance premiums, the medical insurance refused to cover his losses. We protected his assets and discharged over $300,000 in medical debts and some small credit card debts.

Business Owner Purchases Business Assets and Discharges Business Debt Personal Guaranty

Our client was a business owner who personally guaranteed a large business debt that could not be serviced with the revenue from the business. We had him purchase the minimal business assets for fair value which allowed him to continue to operate in a capacity of sole proprietor. The client paid a three percent distribution to unsecured creditors and discharged all debt including the business loan. The reorganization saved the client nearly a million dollars in debt that was forgiven and the client benefited from the future business revenue that allowed him to earn a comfortable living.

Business Partner Challenges and Invalidates Several Trusts

Client was the victim of complex equity skimming scheme and funds were traceable to several trusts with spendthrift clauses that sought to limit the rights of creditors through bankruptcy. Through intricate challenges to the trustee’s powers under the trusts as well as rights granted under the bankruptcy code, we advanced novel legal challenges to invalidated the trust which led to a substantial settlement for our client.

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